Pragnya Speech Center is Dealing with the Services

Pragnya Speech Center is one of the pioneer health institutes that deals with Speech and hearing Problems of Children and adults. Pragnya speech is a name/brand that creates a belief in possibilities among the parents. This is associated with the best therapists in the domain. Pragnya Speech Center believes in dedication, Empathy, and advanced methodology to cure the child.

Pragnya Speech Center works with individuals across all age groups. They use different strategies depending on the age, type, and severity of the disorder.

Language Therapy

Pragnya Speech Center helps an individual to communicate verbally. To communicate verbally, the individual should first understand what the other person is saying (verbally). Pragnya Speech works on the individual’s ability to understand and express language by improving their listening, grammar, vocabulary, social, and reading skills. They achieve this through different activities and techniques which are customized and individualized.

Articulation Therapy

Articulation is the pronunciation of different sounds. Pragnya Speech Center used a specific methodology to develop the articulation problem of individuals who make errors while pronouncing different sounds. They do this by demonstrating the correct placement of the articulators. Speech therapists from Pragya Speech Center use multiple techniques and approaches such as Phonetic placement therapy, Minimal Pair approach, Core vocabulary approach, Cycles approach, Distinct feature therapy, etc., along with cueing techniques depending on the individual to make them pronounce the word correctly.

Oral Motor Therapy

Individuals with weakness or stiffness of the oral musculature benefit from oral motor therapy. Speech therapists from Pragya speech center used oral exercises that may include facial massages, blowing, sucking, chewing, and biting to strengthen the muscles of the oral musculature. These exercises not only improve speech production but also help enhance the individual’s awareness and efficiency during eating, drinking, and swallowing.

 Fluency Therapy

Fluency therapy at Pragnya Speech Center helps those whose rate, continuity, or flow of speech are affected. Problems in fluency can negatively impact one’s communication and influence the overall quality of life. Speech therapists help improve speech fluency by using techniques like prolongation, modified airflow, Lilypad, etc.

Auditory Verbal Therapy 

AVT Technique is scientifically proven to help children with hearing loss understand sounds and speech if it spreads. It starts with sound awareness, followed by sound discrimination, identification, and comprehension. It is recommended to start AVT as soon as the child is fitted with the hearing aid/aids.

Voice Therapy

The Pragya Speech Center recommends voice therapy for individuals who suffer a change in voice pitch, quality, or loudness. Speech Language Pathologists provide vocal hygiene programs and exercises to improve voice and vocal behaviour. Various techniques used in voice therapy are resonant voice therapy, vocal function exercises, digital manipulation, semi-occluded vocal tract exercises, etc., depending on the type and severity of voice disorder.


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