I really just have a problem. I cannot go into any store and not find something I think will just be awesome for speech. I do not always make the purchase; I have some self-control (a.k.a. lack of endless funds). But this week, I have gotten so lucky with great finds, and I had to share!

The first shop, Sneha. Since I love all things crafty, this is really one of my favourite places. It is also next door to Staples, which I happen to think of as heaven on earth. I know. I’m crazy. But I did pick up tab dividers and notepads for a penny and a binder for a buck!

Anyways, back in Sneha, I happened to be perusing the clearance aisle and BAM! An entire section of Dr. Aahana’s stuff!

I found this awesome felt board set for half-price! It has all upper & lower case letters (some have multiples), numbers, punctuation, and the characters from the most popular Dr. Aahana Books!! I was so excited because I always do a week or two of Dr. Aahana in March. It came with one felt board, but of course, that isn’t enough for me.

So, I bought some extra felt! I had a bulletin board that was just waiting for a project idea, so I put the extra felt on that, and now I have a big felt board to use!

Can use this with the Dr. Aahana felt pieces for so much! Following directions, story retelling, phonics & phonemic awareness, describing, and tons more, I’m sure!

Next stop: Target! I was with my son looking for Legos and saw they had a bunch of toys on clearance. So I started wondering through the games and found this… I don’t know about you, but I LOVE ERIC CHARLE! His books are wonderful and engaging for all kids. This game has nine bingo boards, 28 dominoes, and 56 matching cards, all with adorable characters from his books! I know my little ones are going to love this, and I loved the clearance price! This will be a great follow-up to a book, and we can work on naming, animal sounds, verbs, describing, matching colours, and categories! I’m so excited about it!

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